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A proven leadership coaching process to accelerate your business, your family, and your life.

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Imagine what you could do if you truly defined success.

Is At the Helm for you?

  • You are committed to achievement.
  • You’ve made gains, but have important people you don’t want to leave behind.
  • You’ve hit a plateau but want to keep scaling.
  • You and your organization are in a leadership transition.

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After combining my lessons from corporate, entrepreneurship, 15 years of vocational ministry, a masters in Leadership Development, and 300 hours coaching CEOs, I created At the Helm.

The At the Helm Signature System is....

  • Identity-based - Life has a way of throwing us off course. Re-align your actions with your long-term view of success with a Signature Identity Profile.

  • Evidence-supported - When charting a journey, you want proven methods that gets results, especially when people’s jobs are on the line. At the Helm methods are supported by research, not just the latest podcast.

  • Neuroscience-informed - Using tools from positive psychology, you will be brought through a four-step process that will upgrade your mental model of leadership.

  • Spiritually-integrated - I believe leadership is a calling, not a job. The spiritual side of life is not ignored through At the Helm, but embraced as an essential component of a leader’s journey.


Healthy habits.


Signature Profile

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Acceleration Through Communication

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Kendall Laughlin, Jr.

• ICF Certified Coach

• Over 15 years in executive leadership

• Led in corporate, start-up, and non-profit environments

• Direct, strategic style

• Whole person coaching for peak performance

• Incorporates spirituality & mindfulness

• Deploys battle-tested leadership assessments

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Client results

"Provided benchmark insights. Kendall's coaching is worth the investment."

- VP of Real Estate

“Overhauled my mindset and my long-range strategy.”

- Family Office Principal

"I received tremendous value in the first three months and have since overhauled two businesses.”

-Private Equity Investor


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Can coaching create returns in difficult markets?

Coaching is a growing field and the term coaching is used in various ways. Can we really trace it to success?

My whitepaper, “Coaching for Alpha,” demonstrates a proven coaching process, based on research, in leveraged investment situations.


Contact Kendall Laughlin today to explore working with At the Helm.

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