About Us

Let’s Get Comfy and Productive!

Comfort Lovers

We enjoy the comfort of our office chairs so much, and we want to share this happy feeling to the world. We’re a group of happy working professionals who insists on the importance of a comfortable office, not just with the environment but also with the chairs.

The Big M!

The big mission of this blog is to push comfort in the workplace. It has become our mission since we started enjoying working in the office with new fixtures upgrades that are so comfy! And, we think everyone working in the office deserves to enjoy comfort while working because the office has become one of the most significant places in our daily lives.

The Optimistic V!

The very optimistic vision is towards a future where businesses (regardless of the size) gives importance to comfort in the workplace. We want to see a future workforce that is productive and efficient because they are comfortable in the office and focuses on working competently.