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How To Select The Right Gifts For Coworkers

The relationships a person develops while at the workplace, can often turn out to be very meaningful. Friendships among colleagues have been known to be lifelong, in some cases. In other cases, colleagues may become closer to an individual than their own family. This entails a responsibility on the person to make sure their colleagues are happy and satisfied, with regards to them, as a person. This is why it’s important to always go the extra mile when you select the right gifts for coworkers.

Picking gifts, whether for Christmas or birthdays, in most cases isn’t as simple as going to the shop and buying things that your coworkers would be interested in.

There are tons of things to consider, including, but not limited to, the company culture, how closely knit you are, your own gift budget, etc.

Continue reading to learn different ways to select the right gifts for coworkers, along with some suggestions to give you some ideas.

Let’s get started.

Consider the Company Culture

First and foremost, you have to consider your company’s culture, and ask yourself:

  • Is it okay to gift when no one else is? – This is especially true when it comes to Christmas gifts. If you’re new, ask your coworkers about the office traditions (some workplaces don’t allow exchanging gifts).
  • Is it appropriate to go luxurious? – Some people are lucky enough to have coworkers that go above and beyond while treating their colleagues. However, this puts the recipients in an awkward position, as they’re indirectly forced to return the favor. In some corporate spheres, this isn’t seen as appropriate.
  • Is it okay to give gag gifts? – In some companies, pranking your coworkers with gag gifts is tradition. See if it’s appropriate to do so at your workplace. However, remember to buy an actual gift, together with the gag one.

For example, another thing to consider could be, whether or not, your colleagues engage in office exercises. If they do, you could gift someone an ultra-portable exercise machine, or fancy training gloves. Also, consider the employee incentive programs at your company, and don’t give anything that clashes with anything featured on there.

Answering these questions could give you some appropriate ideas for gifts for coworkers.

Start a Secret Santa Activity

Obviously, this applies only to Christmas gifts, and those companies that permit exchanging them.

In ‘Secret Santa’, employees have to anonymously give Christmas gifts to their coworkers.

Here’s how it works:

  • The limit for the amount to be spent on gifts is determined in the beginning.
  • Whoever wants to participate, writes their name on a piece of paper. The pieces are then collected and mixed.
  • Each employee then draws one at random (they don’t share the name of the person they’re gifting, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of Secret Santa).

That way, you’re free to gift whatever you want to your coworker (obviously, it has to be appropriate).

Another benefit of Secret Santa is that each employee has to buy just one gift, which doesn’t put a dent on their wallet.

Ask Your Coworkers What They Want

Another easy and foolproof way of selecting gifts for coworkers is to simply ask them what they want.

Depending on your relationship with the coworker, they could either beat around the bush and not give a clear answer, or tell you exactly what they want.

However, make sure not to be blunt while asking. It may give the impression that you’re doing them a favor.

Ease into the conversation, and casually ask them what they want.

Again, there’s a risk involved. Depending on how close you are to that coworker, they could end up asking for a gift that’s a little above your budget.

So, while it’s an easy way to figure out the gift that way, it’s also a risk.

Consider Your Budget

Last, but not the least, you have to consider your budget.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you can afford.

Remember, there’s no shame in giving a gift that isn’t as extravagant as what your coworkers got you.

It’s the thought that counts, not how much money you spent.

10 Safe Ideas for Gifts for Coworkers

Here are some classic, and a few innovative, suggestions for things you can gift to your coworkers:

  1. Custom pillow covers
  2. Set of bath bombs
  3. Custom leather keychains
  4. Coffee machine
  5. Personalized cups
  6. Perfumes/Colognes
  7. Scented candles
  8. Videogames
  9. Custom bobbleheads
  10. Jewelry

These gifts are safe, and appropriate for any coworker, regardless of their preferences and your relationship with them. You can get great deals on such items on Amazon.

Ending Note

Finding the perfect gifts for coworkers can be tough. However, at the end of the day, whatever you get for them (as long as it’s appropriate), doesn’t matter.

What matters is the effort that you put in, to give them a token of your appreciation.

Remember why you’re giving the gift, and enjoy the tradition.

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