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How to Improve Employee Morale and Retain Employees in 2020

Whether you like it or not, we have to accept the truth that for a long time, the professional industry has been passing the bare minimum as the standard in the work environment.

So, it’s not a surprise that employee morale is way down. Yes, in comparison to statistics from last year, in general the morale may have improved in the U.S. But, this increase is nothing to be proud of. Employee dissatisfaction is at an all-time high. People simply want to get their paycheck. And truth be told, that is no way of living life.

How to Improve Employee Morale

This is why it’s time we took a few steps to improve employee morale, the right way!

Recruit the Right Employees

Hire talent, not colleges. If you receive a candidate from a well-known establishment, you might be swayed to hire them on the spot.

However, you can’t really be sure if they’ll deliver upon your expectations. Instead of simply judging them by their qualifications or what they’re attached to, take personality assessment tests and get to know them through a thorough interview. You want to make sure that the people you hire will be able to assimilate with the company culture and work.

Respect Your Senior Employees

For your best senior employees, the reason why many quit once they hit the 5-year mark is because they start feeling undervalued and underappreciated. And truth is, they aren’t mistaken.

Most employees state that once they become senior workers, they start getting overworked, or they’re not challenged enough. Some state that because they’re usually stuck doing the more complex work, they feel stifled by the tedious process. Whereas others say that they’re not appreciated or given the chance to develop their skills further.

Because of that, they lose passion and their work suffers as a result. Thus, the dip in employee morale. With senior employees, understand that they’re your greatest asset. As older team members, they have influence over other people in the team. Use them as team leaders and give them the opportunity to utilize their experience. Value them.

Offer the Right Benefits

A yearly bonus and an annual team lunch is just not going to cut it anymore. Benefits and perks can have a great impact on employee morale. So, rather than just sticking to the basic package like inpatient care, health insurance and paid sick leave, provide them access to services such as a student loan consolidation calculator, to help their personal finances and improve employee morale.

Allow your employees to take days off. Make work schedules and time tables flexible and implement a remote work policy, especially for any student workers. Go beyond with employee care and incorporate a daycare service, as well as a generous paternity leave policy while you’re at it. Be creative with your benefit offers, and ask your employees for suggestions.

You’ll be surprised by how practical and useful some ideas will be.

Allow Your Employees to Have a Life

It’s not just about helping them maintain a work-life balance!

Many employees feel guilty about missing work, even when they’re sick. For employees who take personal days, they’re made to feel guilty for taking time off to attend to a personal issue. Take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Taking their allowed sick, annual and casual days off is a right. Your employees should not be made to feel remorse because they directed their focus on their personal life. Implement a policy through which employees can inform their manager the day before so there’s no miscommunication in case of a sudden day off and devise a plan in case of unexpected off days.

The best employee benefits are all made with the employees in mind. Make sure your employee incentive programs all benefit the workforce.

Invest in Creating a “Healthy” Work Environment

The sterile white lights, the grey cubicles, the blank walls—unless the nature of your business requires blankness and blandness, you might want to invest in a more creative, healthy workplace.

Add colors and murals for some personality and character. Allow your employees to decorate their own desks with pictures and personal memorabilia.

As for health, include indoor plants for better air, add humidifiers and air purifiers and keep those wall-to-ceiling windows open for some natural light. Also, when handling clean-up, ask your sanitation team to use eco-friendly products. And have them clean the air ducts, the door jambs, and the nooks and crannies of the workspace regularly so there’s no chance of your employees experiencing any allergy triggers.

Bring in Good Leaders, Not Cunning Leaders

One of your senior managers has been bringing in the most revenue from their department for the past three quarters. But, that manager has also lost most of the original members of their team now.

Keep in mind, people quit their managers, not their jobs. If there’s clear evidence that poor leadership is the cause for this high turnover, take necessary measures.

You might think it beneficial in the long run if you have a manager who brings in the money. But all this money will be for naught if you don’t have your team of senior employees who know the business inside out.

Furthermore, how many more do you want to lose before word goes out that your manager is the cause of their job change? Think long-term.


Don’t wait for the situation to get worse. If you know that your employees are experiencing low morale, take a stand and embrace change. Bring about positive change for the company and let your employees know you value them. It’ll get better from there.

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