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Investors, at the helm.

Why do 90% of acquisitions fail to create value? Because processes are managed and not led. Leaders create value by designing an intentional future.

Change leadership means intentionality about culture and creativity about the future. Through m&a integration coaching, At the Helm offers the opportunity to create alpha by focusing on culture, systems, and processes.


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Due Diligence

You may have your financial metrics down for due diligence - but what about human capital? Thats where we help.

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Operator Alpha

Training and upskilling your operators is the key to immediate alpha in today’s volatile market.

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There’s whiteboard sessions... and then there is real life. Integration coaching is where and how we explore the real-world aspects of integration after an M&A event.

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How intentional are you about your culture? Nothing just happens. Design the future, train your operators, and double-down on your success by creating an in-house Culture University.


Schedule an organizational health assessment to begin assessing your alpha capabilities.

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at the helm

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